Funsounds – also called Voice Ringers and Sound Effects – trigger all kinds of reactions in people – mostly laughter and delight or anger and distress.
And that’s exactly what they’re supposed to do. Sharky Mobile produces Funsounds in different languages – mainly English, Turkish and German.

Some examples (Top downloads, German, US Southern Style, US Urban Style, Polyfunsounds ):
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US Urban Style
Whisper Wait Til You Read This Text
What The Hell Are You Waiting For
Well Bitch Pick Up The Phone Censored
Text Message - Yo Yo Here It Is
Playa Pickup The Phone I Got Some Ill News For You
Lets Get Crunk Together Aight
Lets Get Crunk
Don't Be Sitting There Illin I Got A 411 For You
Police Siren - Playa They Are After You
Crazy Laughing Pick It Up
Ah Man Pick Up The Damn Thing Already
Reggae Sing
Rasta Sing All Da Massive
Pick Up The Phone Punk
Hey Girl Check Your Text
Yeah Foo Check The Text
Rasta Shout Out - Biddy Bye Bye
Yeah Homie Better Check Your Text
Birthday Ho

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